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From Coca-Cola to Uber

Digital shakes up marketing

Back in the days Coca-Cola was able to beat the competition with a massive advertising budget. Nowadays, Uber, Airbnb and Tesla are building successful, fast growing brands and businesses based on groundbreaking services. Thanks to smart marketing strategies they hardly need advertising.

We are in the middle of the digital aka 3rd industrial revolution and it changed brand building forever. Branding transformed from hyping into helping. Consumers no longer believe overpromising ads, they demand useful services with instant relevancy. Since digital services are highly scalable, they have become the new mass medium. Delivering on a promise is now almost as easy as making the promise itself.

Nevertheless, most brands have a painful gap between their over-promising campaigns and the real customer experience they offer.

How can established corporate brands survive in the era of Digital Darwinism and make their digital transformation successful? How can they offer groundbreaking, scalable services? And does this mean for their marketing?

Igor Beuker and Ingmar de Lange are very experienced marketers. They have lead large innovation projects at leading, global brands. During this Masterclass they will share their experiences, methodologies and tools.

After one day you and your colleagues will be able to apply these new marketing principles. You will learn how to beat your existing competitors and to compete with new disruptors.

Marketing for the 3rd industrial revolution!

Why this Masterclass?


This is the era of Digital Darwinism: adapt or die. Trends, technologies, social innovations and changing consumer behavior are shaking up all industries, across all markets. Time for marketers to step up their game.

This Masterclass will teach you new, innovative ways of service-development, storytelling and content marketing. You will also learn how to connect to Millennials and Screenagers.
The Masterclass is customized to your specific needs.

You will learn how to earn attention and how to improve your customer’s experience. You will learn new, tangible ways to pull consumers gently through your funnel towards trial, loyalty and advocacy.

Participants in this Masterclass are marketing, media, communication and PR professionals.

The Masterclass offers a well-balanced mix of strategic, tactical and practical knowledge.

Exploit chaos and change. Coin the business opportunities of the 21st century.

About the speakers


In the spotlights Igor Beuker is a renowned professional speaker who delivered over 1,000 international speeches. He appears on countless television and radio shows as independent expert voice on marketing media and innovation.

Behind the scenes Igor is a serial entrepreneur with multiple exits on his black belt, award-winning marketing strategist who worked with brands like Nike, Amazon, L’Oréal, Starbucks, AmEx and Unilever and trendwatcher for several Fortune 500s.

Igor is guest teacher strategic marketing at Nyenrode Business University. At events and on Twitter he’s frequently trending topic as math man in a world of mad men.

Ingmar de Lange is strategist, speaker and expert in innovative marketing. He’s founder of marketing agency Mountview.

He was partner at Brand Buzz / WPP, one of Europe’s first non-traditional brand agencies and head of marketing at Hyves, at the time the largest social network of the Netherlands. Ingmar is part of the Brand Boardroom and creator of the co-created children’s brand Brikki. He gives lectures for NIMA, the European Brand Institute and various other knowledge institutes and speaks at many conferences.

His presentations on Slideshare get worldwide attention.

Over 20 years marketing experience on C-level.

15 years experience with marketing and innovation.

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